Racing 92 V Glasgow Warriors

Today's match between Racing 92 and Glasgow Warriors has been postponed following last night's tragic events in Paris.

The game will not be played this weekend and the team will return home to Glasgow.

Head coach Gregor Townsend said: "First of all it's a very sad day for the people of Paris and the thoughts and prayers from everyone at Scottish Rugby go out to all those involved.

"We were really looking forward to the game, it's a beautiful city and a great place to come and visit and it was really sad to see the horrible scenes last night.

"Following on from that for our own supporters there was a real spirit of optimism on the plane yesterday and it's great to see our supporters coming to travel overseas to support the team.

"We were very concerned about them last night when we saw the images coming in from Paris and hopefully they haven't been caught up in it and from what we hear everything is ok, but we're obviously thinking about them and hope they can get home safely."

live commentary 4:15 PM Saturday 14 Nov 2015

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