Hit or Miss | Stafford McDowall and Kiran McDonald

Hit or Miss | Stafford McDowall and Kiran McDonald

They’re two highly-rated prospects in the Glasgow Warriors squad, but what are they like when it comes to food and drink? Find out whether Kiran McDonald and Stafford McDowall rated these culinary delights as Hits or Misses…


SM: Definite hit. I always have spaghetti bolognaise the night before a match, so it’s a tradition for me.

KM: Hit. Absolutely. One of my go-to dishes is carbonara, but with penne and not spaghetti. Bit of chicken in there, too – fantastic. I’ve also recently started making pollo Milanese, which is basically fried chicken with spaghetti and tomato sauce. That’s been a bit of a go-to recently.


SM: It’s probably one that’s a miss for me, to be honest. I’ll happily eat it, I just wouldn’t ever really choose a curry.

KM: I’m half-Indian, so I love it! I don’t eat it that often though, not nowadays. It’s more of a treat. Lamb saag for me, perfect.

Fish supper

SM: Hit, for sure.

KM: Yep, hit. Safe option. You can’t go wrong with that.

Full Scottish

SM: I’m not a massive fan of black pudding, but apart from that it’s a hit. We used to have black pudding rolls here for breakfast, they used to break me.

KM: Stornoway black pudding is class, though. Full Scottish for me, definite hit.


SM: Hit. Burgers in general are a pretty big hit for me!

KM: I think I’m like Stafford with his curry here – it wouldn’t be my first choice, but I’d still eat it.

Ice Cream

SM: You can’t really say no to ice cream, can you? I don’t have tubs and tubs of ice cream in the freezer, but I’ll never say no.

KM: Haagen-Dazs vanilla, for me. Definite hit.


SM: I’ve never really had it to be honest. Aki [Seiuli] was shocked about that when we went on holiday recently – I should probably try it at some point!

KM: Hit for me. Love sushi, big fan.


SM: Hit, in moderation obviously…

KM: Yep, Tennent’s is a go-to. If they need a couple of brand ambassadors, we’ll do it!

Chinese takeaway

SM: Hit, definitely. Egg fried rice, and some salt and chilli chicken – I know it’s not strictly Chinese, but it’s really good.

KM: Chicken satay, on the skewer, maybe some special fried rice – hit for me too.


SM: Hit again. Can’t go wrong with chocolate.

KM: Recently it’s been a hit for me, aye – Galaxy and Galaxy Caramel for me.


SM: People are going to think we’re just fat, but that’s a hit too! Pizza is definitely up there for me.

KM: Paesano is a big one for me – really good as a Friday night treat, definitely a hit.

This feature originally appeared in Issue 4 of Warrior, the official magazine of Glasgow Warriors

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