Fan Q&A | Ali Price

Fan Q&A | Ali Price

Club jokers, fan chants and hair-care advice - we put your questions on all these topics and more to Ali Price...

What position would you play if you were a forward and why? – Michael O’Hara via Twitter

I’d say a destructive ball-carrying six, just because they seem to have a free role to run over people!

According to a well-known East Stand song, you’re only 5’3”. Is this true? – Andy Watson via Facebook

Sadly not, but the song is brilliant so I’ll take it (I’m 5’10” for the record).

Favourite place in Scotland? – Charlie Knight via Instagram

I’d say Skye. There are a lot of cool places that I really enjoy going to, but Skye is beautiful. It’s so picturesque and chilled out.

What’s your ideal holiday destination? – Livi via Twitter

Vancouver. I really liked it – a great mix of the outdoors and the city, it’s a really cool place.

Who has the better trim, you or Adam Hastings? – Arran McAleer via Facebook

Definitely me. Hands down.

Apart from Scotstoun, which ground has the best atmosphere in the Guinness PRO14? – Robert Stewart via Twitter

Probably Munster – if you get a full house at Thomond Park it’s pretty special

Who’s the biggest joker at the club, past and present? – stupot213 via Instagram

Probably [Ryan] Wilson for both, to be honest. You definitely want to try and stay on his good side!

Who’s the fastest in the team? – Finn Walford via Instagram

It’s probably between Robbie Nairn and Lee Jones, I reckon. Both very rapid blokes.

What hair products do you use? It never seems to move! – Many, many people on all social media

It’s a V05 and a matt paste, just to get that textured look and a firm hold…

The full version of this Q&A originally appeared in Issue Two of Warrior, the official magazine of Glasgow Warriors

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