Warriors kilted up

Richie Vernon and Grayson Hart model the club's new tartan

Rob Harley, Richie Vernon and Grayson Hart have today launched the club's new official tartan.
 Rob Harley and Richie Vernon model the club's new kilt
The striking black, blue and white tartan has been designed by Glasgow-based highland wear specialists Slanj Kilts, who have worked closely with the club over the last few months to develop the design.
Slanj is owned by brothers, Brian and Craig Halley, who are both Glasgow Warriors supporters.
Kilts and trews are now available in the Warriors tartan from the Slanj shops in Glasgow and Edinburgh, while further products will be available soon.
They currently stock a range of Scottish Rugby merchandise including kilts, trousers and lambswool scarves.

For more information on Slanj Kilts go to slanjkilts.com.

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