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BT Women's National League Division 2 15-16 table

1Garioch Women141211482:15133112062
2Greenock Wanderers Women141121406:18422210056
3Howe of Fife Women14950351:2091428145
4Lismore Women14770310:294166034
5Annan Women14680301:291107031
6Royal Dick Vet College Women14590229:359-1305328
7Grangemouth Women143110183:452-2692115
8Morgan Women142120123:445-3222010

BT Women's National League 2 table

1Oban Lorne Women121200653:3162212060
2Aberdeenshire Quines 12741382:367159241
3Grangemouth Women12750304:261437136
4Kelso Women12561213:253-406129
5Royal Dick Vet College Women12570231:331-1005126
6Lismore Women12390126:295-1693318
7Ardrossan Women12210097:468-3712010

BT Women's National League Division 2 table

1Howe of Fife Women121110584:6152310155
2Annan Women12930489:933969146
3Oban Lorne Women12921355:1771787045
4Royal Dick Vet College Women12471168:450-2824022
5Lismore Women12480119:353-2342018
6Grangemouth Women12282159:305-1462216
7Helensburgh Women12111048:483-435105

BT Women's National League Division 2 table

1Glasgow University Women10811356:822748143
2Oban Lorne Women10811362:772856141
3Garioch Women10550210:255-454024
4Lismore Women *10550266:290-245121
5Grangemouth Women10370133:315-1823015
6Royal Dick Vet College Women10010069:377-308000

* A points deduction has been applied.

RBS Women's National League Division 2A table

1Stewartry Women330080:46342040
2Ayr Women312098:51471131
3Glasgow University Women321079:60191030
4Royal Dick Vet College Women303044:144-1000115
Points gained in RBS Women's National League Division 2 carried forward to 2A

Sarah Beaney Cup table

1Hillhead Jordanhill Women3300184:351490012
2Edinburgh University Women4310125:81440012
3Watsonians Women3210117:5067008
4Murrayfield Wanderers FC Women211069:3336015
5Annan Women211045:423015
6Aberdeenshire Quines 211035:341015
7Ayr Women211058:62-4004
8Broughton Women211042:53-11004
9RHC Cougars Women211052:70-18004
10Glasgow University Women211058:102-44004
11Cartha Queens Park Women21108:98-90004
12Stewartry Women10100:1-1011
13Stirling County Women10100:1-1011
14Kirkcaldy Women10107:12-5011
15Oban Lorne Women10105:27-22000
16Greenock Wanderers Women101014:58-44000
17Garioch Women10107:67-60000
18Howe of Fife Women00000:00000
19Royal Dick Vet College Women00000:00000
20Helensburgh Women00000:00000
21Lismore Women00000:00000
22Grangemouth Women00000:00000
23Melrose Women00000:00000

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