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Results 2012/13

Tue 16 Apr 2013
20:00 Gala Wanderers A 5 - 29 W National U18 Youth League Cup
Sat 2 Mar 2013
14:00 Ayr RFC U18 H 30 - 24 W National U18 Youth League Cup
Sat 9 Feb 2013
12:30 Highland RFC U18 A 10 - 18 W National U18 Youth League Cup
Sat 2 Feb 2013
13:00 Hamilton RFC U18 H 57 - 5 W National U18 Youth League Cup
Round 1

Scottish Rugby Under 18 League 14 table

1Currie Colts 141310640:1275130052
2Highland RFC U18141310405:1882170052
3Ayr RFC U18131021535:1443910042
4Boroughmuir RFC U18 *131030339:1961430038
5Stirling County Colts 12930365:2411240036
6GHA U18 *13670280:267130022
7West of Scotland U18 *13562268:26080022
8The Royal High School 13571263:329-660022
9Hamilton RFC U1814590197:359-1620020
10Dumfries Saints U1813490262:341-790016
11Ellon RFC U18144100247:460-2130016
12Falkirk RFC U18 *133100230:307-770010
13Dunfermline Colts *11380170:435-2650010
14Mackie Academy FP U18 *11470213:505-2920010
15East Kilbride U18 *131120153:408-255000

* A points deduction has been applied.

Scottish Rugby Under 18 League table

1Ayr RFC U18111010399:1012980040
3Stirling County Colts 11920389:1382510036
4Stirling County11920389:1382510036
6Highland RFC U1811920307:1481590036
7Dumfries Saints RFC11830310:1321780032
8Dumfries Saints U1811830310:1321780032
9Boroughmuir RFC U1810640330:1311990024
10Boroughmuir 10640330:1311990024
11Dunfermline Colts 11560245:257-120020
13Hamilton RFC U1811560158:187-290020
14Hamilton RFC 11560158:187-290020
15West of Scotland FC 10460137:317-1800016
16West of Scotland U1810460137:317-1800016
18Ellon RFC U1811281127:357-2300010
19Deeside RFC 11281133:397-2640010
20Deeside RFC U1811281133:397-2640010
21Glasgow Hawks U1811290172:253-81008
22Glasgow Hawks11290172:253-81008
24Falkirk RFC U1811290149:438-289008

National U16 Youth League Cup table

1Currie RFC U164400181:321490016
2Hawick Albion RFC 4310123:75480012
3Melrose RFC U16321066:579008
4West of Scotland FC U16321022:52-30008
5Jed-Forest RFC U16211026:1412015
6GHA RFC U16211069:3732004
7Stirling County Colts 211041:43-2004
8Stirling County RFC U16211041:43-2004
9Highland RFC U16100117:170002
10Portobello FP Colts 201131:59-28002
11Portobello FP U16201131:59-28002
12Heriot's RFC U1610108:12-4011
13Gala Red Triangle RFC 101019:26-7011
14Ayr RFC U16101014:32-18000
15Musselburgh U1610107:26-19000
16Musselburgh Colts 10107:26-19000
17Glasgow Hawks U16101014:41-27000
18Mackie Academy FP U1610107:63-56000
19Dunfermline Colts 10100:59-59000
20Dunfermline RFC U1610100:59-59000

Please note that there may be a delay in results being reflected in the standings.