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Edinburgh District U18 League - Revised table

1Musselburgh Colts 8800307:682390032
2Biggar Colts 8710279:592200028
3Haddington Colts 8530211:123880020
4Lasswade RFC U188530162:144180020
6Portobello FP Colts 8341123:160-370014
7Livingston U18815220:124-104008
8Ross High RFC 817065:228-163004
9Dunbar U18807146:269-223002

Edinburgh and Lothian U18 Shield table

1Boroughmuir RFC U188800188:631250032
2Biggar Colts 7430148:110380117
3Livingston RFC 8350128:157-290214
4Musselburgh Colts 523077:105-28019
5Haddington Colts 606048:154-106033
<P>We have altered the size of the Leagues to try and accommodate the Nat Cup/Bowl fixtures although Clubs will still have to work round them in the Shield Competition</P> <P>Shield has 5 Clubs &amp; Plate 6-- All Clubs play home and away taking us up&nbsp;to the end of March</P> <P>Nat Cup/Bowl dates are the 18 Jan-- 1 Feb with the Final on Sun 16th Feb at Murrayfield</P> <P>&nbsp;International date are&nbsp; Sun 2nd Feb--&nbsp; Sat 8th Feb--5.00pm ko--&nbsp; Sat 22nd 1.30pm ko (no games allocated)-- Mar 8th 5.00pm ko-- Sat 15th 2.45pm ko(no games allocated)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</P>

Edinburgh & Lothians U18 League - Division 1 table

1Biggar Colts 5500191:581330020
2Livingston U185320132:79530014
3Musselburgh Colts 5320123:87360014
4Haddington Colts 5230160:138220112
5Murrayfield Wanderers FC *523086:118-320010
6Dunbar U18 *505029:241-212003

* A points deduction has been applied.

Edinburgh & Lothians U18 League - Pool Stages: Division 1 table

1Musselburgh Colts 4400231:252060016
2Haddington Colts 4310217:891280013
3Dunbar U18422099:136-370010
4Portobello FP Colts 413034:159-125007
5Lasswade RFC U18404047:219-172015

National U16 Youth League Cup table

1Currie RFC U164400181:321490016
2Hawick Albion RFC 4310123:75480012
3Melrose RFC U16321066:579008
4West of Scotland FC U16321022:52-30008
5Jed-Forest RFC U16211026:1412015
6GHA RFC U16211069:3732004
7Stirling County Colts 211041:43-2004
8Stirling County RFC U16211041:43-2004
9Highland RFC U16100117:170002
10Portobello FP Colts 201131:59-28002
11Portobello FP U16201131:59-28002
12Heriot's RFC U1610108:12-4011
13Gala Red Triangle RFC 101019:26-7011
14Ayr RFC U16101014:32-18000
15Musselburgh Colts 10107:26-19000
16Musselburgh U1610107:26-19000
17Glasgow Hawks U16101014:41-27000
18Mackie Academy FP U1610107:63-56000
19Dunfermline RFC U1610100:59-59000
20Dunfermline Colts 10100:59-59000

Edinburgh District U18 Shield table

1Currie Colts 4400150:461040016
2Biggar Colts 422074:81-7019
3North Berwick RFC U18312074:90-16015
4Boroughmuir RFC U18312039:62-23004
5Musselburgh Colts 413026:84-58004

Edinburgh District U18 Shield Plate Bowl Pool 1 table

1North Berwick RFC U182200118:17101008
2Musselburgh Colts 220062:1547008
3Lasswade RFC U18312044:97-53004
4Dunbar U1830305:100-95011

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