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BT East Reserve League Division 2 table

1RHC 2XV 201910992:15983319196
2Currie Chieftains B201550766:30646013174
3Preston Lodge 2XV 201550733:29643714074
4Dunfermline 2XV *201460795:26652914170
5Linlithgow 2XV 201370589:43215714167
6Stewart's Melville 3rd XV *207121449:503-5411342
7Forrester 2XV 208120438:658-2208141
8Edinburgh Northern 2XV *208120363:571-2087038
9Penicuik 2XV *207121318:718-4005236
10Inverleith 2XV 202180150:956-8064215
11Lismore/Portobello 2XV201190198:926-728329

* A points deduction has been applied.

BT East Reserve League Division 1 table

1Kelso A 181800710:19551518090
2Lasswade 2XV 181152508:29421413160
3Jed-Forest A *181260424:25117313058
4Watsonian 3rd XV *181170548:33621212156
5Preston Lodge 2XV 181080563:32523812254
6Currie Chieftains B *18891338:444-1068040
7Murrayfield Wanderers 2XV *183141234:609-3756215
8Haddington A *182142211:584-373528
9Edinburgh Accies Blues *186120257:498-241706
10Heriot's 3rd XV *186120203:460-257605

* A points deduction has been applied.

BT Reserve League East 3 15-16 table

1Currie Chieftains B8620334:812536031
2Leith 2nd XV8620225:164616030
3Duns 2XV *9540240:176646025
4Dunbar/North Berwick 2XV *14680306:326-208024
5Moray House/ Watsonian 4XV *9540257:167905023
6Livingston 2XV *10442131:168-373022
7Musselburgh 3rd XV 10451264:375-1114022
8Penicuik 2XV *9450178:206-285020
9University Wanderers211028:280105
10Haddington 3rd XV *917156:328-27220-4

* A points deduction has been applied.

BT Reserve League East Friendly 2014-15 table

1Inverleith 2XV 110031:1417004
2Lismore 2XV 101014:31-17000
3Currie Chieftains B00000:00000
4Dunbar 2XV00000:00000
5Haddington 3rd XV 00000:00000
6North Berwick 2XV 00000:00000
7Duns 2XV 00000:00000
8RHC 3rd XV 00000:00000
9Edinburgh Accie Whites 00000:00000
10Trinity Academicals 2XV 00000:00000
11Edinburgh Northern 2XV 00000:00000
12Musselburgh 3rd XV 00000:00000

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